Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it.

To complement bespoke. We have a range of Magnificent You Ties and Positive Power Socks. SwaaV is more than just a fashion image company. We believe in men. We believe in Positive Power and solid role models. We also believe in having fun in everything you do.


Positive Power Socks Range is made of superior quality cotton and bamboo. This ensures they are functional, yet quirky and full of color. Maybe just a little bit naughty but they bring out the vibe in you.


Show me a man’s tie and I can tell you his story. Magnificent You ties are the perfect tell tale about your true colours. They are the perfect accessory to show that behind the sharp look, there is much character and depth to behold.

Not all silks are created equal, we choose from the best printers and weavers in Italy and England to bring out the best in you.