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About Us

We love to make people look good, we love seeing clients faces light up, as their expectations are met, when they try on their garments for the first time and it is a perfect fit. Our garments don’t just fit comfortably, but each item is MADE for you and with you in mind. It will hug every corner and inch of your body. This makes everything seem effortless, yet it's visible that you have been tailored. Every man should have the use of our services at their disposal 

Motselisi Motsieloa (a.k.a MC -pronounced Emsi), is a qualified Anthropologist, Colour and Style Image Consultant. She has worked in both Social and Marketing Research. While on holiday in Lagos Nigeria, she was captivated by the beautiful colours and textures of fabrics at the market place. This inspired MC to open an Image Consulting company, called SwaaV. 

She firmly believes that everybody wants to feel and look good, and works on the premise that everybody knows how they want to look, but just need professional guidance to bring out that unique look. She feels ones image should be a positive addition to their your personality, - her garments do exactly that!! They take you to a place of importance - where you feel that your unique attributes have complimented your overall image and brought out the best in you.  

MC enjoys being part of every client's transformation, regardless of how busy she gets, she makes it her priority to embark on the client's journey with them! 

Her clientbase has grown to the vastness it is today by word of mouth. She has actually become quite synonymous for taking on new clientele or if you have a referral from an existing or old client, but welcomes individuals that have heard about her brand and have the same desire and aspirations as her loyal patrons.

Join the world of SwaaV, and wear garments that only embrace your magnificent self.