I read somewhere that, “everyone’s story has the potential to be universal it just has to be told well”. Every now and again I immerse myself in a world where I just feel I need to understand humanity. I need to understand why we do the things we do, what drives us as humans? The answer that came to me is it’s either love or fear. I have looked in my own life where both these emotions have propelled me to make certain choices.

At SwaaV we help you tell a story about who you choose to be in this world, through fabric and colour. It has however been rather challenging to assist people tell their story as eloquently and impeccably as we have been doing for the past years, in our business.

It seems some clients are holding back on telling their story, citing economical reasons. Which is understandable of course – In a challenging economic climate it seems to make sense to “save”. We at SwaaV however, see the economic climate differently, to us this is THE time to make sure that your story stands out. When many are holding back, we say YOU need rise above the crowd, be SEEN, be BOLD, STAND OUT and make your mark. When you invest in how you show up in the world during this challenging economic time, Your will earn yourself, regard, confidence and put you in great standing to move well ahead in your chosen career path.

Be your own leader, own your story and tell it well in this challenging economy. Swaav is only a dial away.

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