The original story

My granddad who I never knew was a gentleman. This is how his son, my father describes him. He says his father wore himself well, and worked hard for his family. He had a friend who was a respected teacher in his community, thus he wanted his only son and child, my father, to become a teacher.

This despite the fact that my father’s desire was to learn how to build grand architectural designs, that would inspire a sense of awe to onlookers.

So, to honour his father’s wish he went to study to become a teacher. 10 years later when his father passed on, he left the teaching profession to pursue his dream of becoming a builder.

From Monday -Saturday my dad wore overalls because that’s what his new line of work required. Come Sunday he was a different man adorned in a suit and tie. He understood the power of putting together an image that will speak a thousand words. He understood that clothes were not a luxury but rather a tool to express who he is authentically. This is a quality he has transcend onto my brother.

My brother is the wisest person I know. He loves his family as did my father. Most importantly he adorns his magnificence in garments that express who he is. He makes sure that his garments are made with him and for him in mind.

Both these men have inadvertently set precedent for the men that I now later in my professional life interacted with. Men who wear their power gracefully and with poise. Men who use their power positively.

You are bespoke and we believe in you…

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