The SwaaV story…

Inspired by my mom and dad’s exquisite dress sense, I decided to dream big!

After leading a UN Research project for 10 months I was exhausted and sleep deprived. After submitting my report, my sleeping pattern was so disrupted that nothing could assist me to sleep, so I decided to travel
to Lagos Nigeria.

Lagos was like no place I had ever been to. It was humid, overly crowded, chaotic and was bustling with energy I’d never experienced before. I instantly fell in love with the pulsating energy of the city.

The following day I was taken to the market place by my host and I was welcomed by a medley of color and vibrance, I, to this day fail to encapsulate in words. The colors dazzled my senses, evoking both excitement and disbelief. Everything was so beautiful. My host gently held my hand and knowingly guided me through the maze of vendors selling their beautiful fabrics. I would occasionally stop her as I gazed at the magnificent fabrics. She would gently nudge me to keep on moving saying in her heavy accent, “Not original, not good.” We passed multitude of vendors before she started slowing down and let go off my hand.

I looked around and found myself surrounded by the most beautiful and colorful fabrics. I loved the textures, their patterns and designs. I felt like I was in an oasis of color and vibrancy. She said to me, “You know you can make a dress with one of these fabrics?” I was taken aback. “Make?” I asked “Yes,” she replied. “I can take you to the local tailor tomorrow.” I was flabbergasted. The notion of having clothes made for me was inconceivable up until that moment. The following day we went to the tailor. My measurements were taken, and a few days later a dress that fit me perfectly was made.

I was deliriously joyful. I thought to myself there must be people out there that have the same challenge as me. You see shopping for clothes was never fun for me. Although I found clothes that I liked; and I looked good in them, they always came short at the arms, because I have unusually long arms. Wearing those clothes did not evoke any confidence in me when I stepped out into the world.

When my holiday came to an end, I’d decided I wanted to share this joyful feeling I felt when I wore a dress that embraced all my unique features. Although I didn’t know what exactly I wanted, I knew this joyous feeling had to be shared. When I got back home my research skills went into overdrive. I soon found that this thing I wanted was called Image Consulting. I found a school nearby where I lived in Randburg, at that time, and I registered for a Diploma in color and style image consulting.

Thus a company called SwaaV was borne; a bespoke men’s wear, image consulting company. Many people ask why gentlemen? I didn’t immediately have an answer, but when I reflected back on my days as a Researcher I noticed that, it was and still is, rare to come across programs that target boys, programs that empower boys. I thought to myself, are we creating an imbalanced society? Most programs are targeted at empowering girls and grooming girls to be confident and powerful. I realized that the successful gentlemen that I work with can be a powerful catalyst for bringing about change in our society.

At SwaaV we believe in men. We believe in reputation. We believe men are a great influence and role models.
Exceptional dedication and unmatched passion are therefore our non-compromising obligation.
Great men are not just driven by image, they are driven by purpose. They are the world’s caretakers and support. They are the strength of humanity and hope for a brighter future. We realise that as a SwaaV client your purpose must make a difference. That’s why we work tirelessly everyday to enable your vision through crafting your reputation. Expressing it in the colours, fabric and style you wear.

How we do we achieve this? By taking you through a colour and style analysis to establish which colours complement you. We then present you with an array of fabrics in different colours to choose from. We then take your measurements and design a garment that will embrace your unique self. You are bespoke, and we believe in you. Your first suit from SwaaV will read: “Wear your magnificence boldly,” etched on a secret part of the garment. As we get to work with you more and more, the messages become even more personalized.

Joy overcomes me everyday when I deliver to my clients and they literally dance with delight as they try on their garments. Secondly when they read their personalized message, that affirm their essence…

You are bespoke, and we believe in you.

11 thoughts on “The SwaaV story…”

  1. Very insparitional , indeed , Successful entrepreneurs are driven individuals who are passionate about their business idea. They derive energy from the excitement of building something from scratch . You are destined for greatness !! The story makes one want to be associated with the brand

  2. Hanyani Ngobeni

    Very inspirational .. indeed , Successful entrepreneurs are driven individuals who are passionate about their business idea. They derive energy from the excitement of building something from scratch. You are destined for greatness . The story makes one want to be associated with the brand

  3. Great story and to focus on men and how they dress is so important. However, I think you should be more visual with your story and add a few pics of the country and fabrics. Would love to see the pics of the fabrics.

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